We are a music collective, with some core members, and a whole lot of collaborators from Hyderabad, India. Formed to allow musicians to come together to create, explore and produce stunning sound. Our original songs reflect our individual journeys and our covers are infused with our own unique flavour.
A fluid group of people, with a singular vision.
Sharing a common ethos
With a pocketful of PipeDreams!

It's rare to find a band that sings the songs in your heart and sings them to your heart! I love watching PipeDreams perform and I always feel connected to their music. They make you want to sing along, tap your feet, break into dance and basically immerse yourself in the fun!
- Dwithiya Raghavan
(31st Dec, 2014. Heart Cup Coffee, Hyderabad)
PipeDreams play infectious music! They get the crowd on their feet and keep 'em there. Anytime you're in desperate need of feeling good, just go to a gig they're performing at. And even if you're looking to just have a really good time with friends while grooving to some great music - this is the band you've gotta tune into.
- Huzefa Kapadia
(17th July, 2014. Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad)
They are a band who take you to a happy place. For me, PipeDreams plays music that touches your soul and connects with everyone listening to them. It is that common thread that keeps its audience in sync. And they are a bunch of really talented musicians who I bet have a long long way to go.
- Rebecca Rassendren
(19th Nov, 2014. The Big Pitcher)
PipeDreams is one of the most committed bands I have met, in Hyderabad. High on energy, unique covers and an excellent on-stage presence. They are the 'next big thing' to come out of this city.
- Tabeer Osmani
Manager, Heart Cup Coffee
There are cover bands. And then there are cover bands. Bands that actually do justice to the bands they cover. PipeDreams happens to be one such group of musicians. If you are around. make sure you catch them.
- Aditi Reddy
(17th July, 2014. Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad)


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